Preserve cultural heritage in 3D.

Monuscan provides the complete capture of cultural heritage in 3D by providing scanning services and a software application to process the data in accordance with the URL 2020.

Opt for a complete digital capture.

Data criteria
Capture guideline
Object capture
Photography and 3D scanning
Digital inspection
Fast and secure in the cloud
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Several leading monuments have already been scanned.

Contact us to view these results and judge for yourself.

Utilize the combination of these data models for geometry and conditional assessment.

Our customers select one or more of these products, then we produce them and make them available online for digital inspection in the monuscan software environment.


Sub-millimeter pixel resolution metric photography for maximum detail.


Metric vertical facade reconstruction perfect for 2D drawing.


Metric 3D object reconstruction perfect for 3D drawing & BIM.

Textured Mesh

Photorealistic 3D object reconstruction perfect for digital inspection.

Experience our digital twins for yourself

Use our intiutive software interface for effective consumption of the data.

Flexible products and services avialable that scale with your project.


€ 1200
Ideal for hard to reach places and inspection of tall structures and rooftops, with extreme detail offcourse.
100 Megapixel Phase One Camera
1MM Image Pixel Resolution
UAV Systems & permits
Delivered through the web app

Full 3D Capture

An accurate foundation for conditional assesment and deformation analysis, as well as drawings in CAD software.
Riegl VZ400i RTK Lidar scanner
Photogrammetry & lidar combined
<5mm Point Cloud Resolution
Any file format on request
Delivered through the web app

Digital inspection

/per mo
Per object, a safe and secure location to store all project related information and share it across your project teams.
Unlimited users per project
URL Inspection forms
2D/3D Measurement tools
Inspection report exporting
All files downloadable
24/7 Chat support
Custom features on request

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We help ambitious organizations set up their own drone program. In doing so, we can get you going by providing training, hardware and software or work together in a hybrid collaboration.