Scan your assets and start working with high quality imagery & 3D data.

Work with Aeroscan to increase the integrity and availability of information on the condition of your assets and transform imagery into money-saving insights.
Drone city mapping with artificial intelligence detecting image features

We help our customers with end-to-end workflows for visual intelligence.

Unmanned aerial systems operations

Remote sensing data collection

Computer vision data analysis

Cloud application data management

Unmanned helicopter with several high end sensor payloads like lidar infrared and photogrammetry
UAS Operations

Affordable, large area high resolution aerial data capture.

We can quickly deploy our UAV's for data collection on large scale for aerial imagery and lidar data. We provide an alternative for mobile mapping and aerial data collection being more flexible and with a high data resolution.

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We have already successfully implemented end-to-end solutions with our clients, starting with data collection and concluding with integrated software solutions.
“Through Aeroscan's datastreams we increased our understanding of the assets”

Kleurrijkwonen massively increased their insights in the condition of their real estate assets through visual data and 3D information models.

John van der Linde,
Asset Manager As-Build
Digital real estate condition survey
3D GIS pointcloud & imagery
>5.000 objects digitized
“We have never seen this level of detail at this scale before”

The Rijksmuseum was processed into a photorealistic 3D textured mesh with just 3 days of data collection, resulting in a digital model of the entire building for conditional assesment.

Ewout Heuker,
Head Asset Management & Technology at Rijksmuseum
Digital heritage condition survey
3D GIS pointcloud & imagery
>25k images processed
Zero incident safety record.
* No objects or persons harmed ever
12 TB
Daily dataload processed by our data processing pipelines.
Images collected & processed in 2020.

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