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Frequently asked questions.

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How about my privacy?

We are careful about your privacy. The drone will only take pictures of the outside ofthe objects in the possession of our client. No photos will be taken of objectsobjects that are not in the possession of our client. If any photos are taken of yourof your property, these will be destroyed and will not reach our client or customer.

We make any personal data unrecognizable. This is called blurring. You must thenThink of license plates and persons. We only use and store the 'blurred' images.stored. Aeroscan thus complies with the privacy law (AVG). If you are uncomfortable with the ideathe drone flies past your windows, please feel free to close the curtains.

Is this completely safe?

It is important to us that you can enter and leave your home safely and that we can do our work safely. That is why we place warning signs near the flying area, although you can enter the area freely. We ask you to follow the instructions of the personnel, especially in particularly in the event of an emergency. The drone landing area is cordoned off with red and white pylons. It is important that this area remains clear at all times. You are not allowed to enter this area.

All drones used by Aeroscan have been individually approved according to theapplicable European safety standards. Each drone ofAeroscan is in possession of a special certificate of airworthiness. To control the drones ofAeroscan's drones, the pilot must possess a pilot's license specifically for drones.for drones. For this purpose a theory and practical exam is taken.

Do you have the required permit?

Not everyone is allowed to fly a drone just anywhere. The Environment and Transport, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, has granted all the necessary permits to Aeroscan. This license will only be granted to companies that have proven safe working methods.

What to do if i have a complaint?

For questions and complaints, please contact us. You can do this by phone at 085 1304993 or via e-mail

We are validated for UAS operational safety, quality & control.

ROC 51/2017