We can customize our solutions for a perfect fit with your inspection goals.

Start building your organisations visual intelligence with our building blocks.
UAS Operations

Our unmanned fleet is at your command.

  • UAS systems with up to 60 minutes flight time
  • Any sensor payload all the way up to 10kg
  • Aviation grade safety standards and permits
We perform UAS operations in any environment efficiently & safely
Data collection

The best sensors that can be flown, up & close for maximum detail.

  • Phase One iXM-100 for metric RGB imagery
  • Riegl VUX-1 for high resolution LiDAR pointcloud
  • Wiris Pro (FLIR) & Phase One iXM-100 for RGB & IR
Riegl VUX-1 Lidar payload to build 3D datasets fast & precise
Data analysis

We help to create information out of data.

  • Photogrammetric & LiDAR 2D/3D deliverables
  • On demand training data and custom object detection & anomaly detection networks
  • NEN2767 / URL / custom data annotation toolsets
Use our deep learning training pipeline to fit your needs
Data management

Use our SaaS solution Twinspect to fullfill your datastream.

  • Host & analyse large amounts of 2D/3D data
  • Web based digital twin 3D inspection features
  • API endpoints available for fast integration
Twinspect supports digital twin inspection workflows via the web

UAS operations are about combining the most suitable flying platform with the best sensor for maximum efficiency.

We integrate sensors based on the specific data criteria required in the desired user application.

Falcon with RGB

Easy to fly, robust and perfect for close proximity aerial photography.

Zoe with RGB & IR

Verstatile and weather resistant, ideal for interchangable payloads.

Sarah with RGB/IR & LiDAR

High endurance, aviation grade safety and the ultimate platform for multi-sensoring.

“Safety when automating inspections is the first priority when selecting the right system. Efficiency where safety and data quality come together”

Mark Nicolai,
Accountable Manager UAS at Aeroscan
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Drones can help you standardize data collection which is perfect to realize AI applications.

Curated & consistent data is perfect for machine learning

We specialize in data stream standardisation which greatly supports effective machine learning & computer vision application development.

Multi-sensor data fusion

We are experience in combine sensors, ranging from LiDAR with hyperspectral to RGB & IR sensor data. Multi sensor configurations enable realtime and on-board calibrated data collection or effective post-processed aggregation.

We can customize our cloud SaaS application Twinspect for you.

Our software solution Twinspect enables end-to-end digital inspection workflows, change detection and fast and easy visualisation of information for reporting.
Host your entire asset portofolio as 3D digital twins

Data uploading module

Customizable data uploading interface to support both geo and non-geo imagery, spectral and 3D pointcloud data.

Data analysis module

Customizable image and 3D point cloud annotation toolset and web based interface with custom deep learning pipeline integrations.

Business intelligence module

Customizable asset information interface with data from other modules listed and ready to connect or share with optional API.

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